Jimi really has a gift... I had a great psychic reading and felt very empowered afterward thanks to his positive approach and intuitive guidance. Thanks Jimi! Looking forward to another session.

Rachel Ogden Ramos

I was amazed right away when I came to see Jimi for much needed spiritual healing. He was so open and kind and helped light the darkness that surrounded me for 11 strenuous years. With his insight, wisdom and skills, I feel that I have faith and love again in myself and confidence of my individual power in life. I’m so grateful and I can’t wait for my next session at Shine Your Light Wellness! Thank you Jimi.

Amanda Goldner

The extensive connection is empowering. Mr. Merk is a impactful healer. He was a major part of my awakening, and can tell you I was lead on the correct path.

Scott Gifford

Jimi Merk is the real deal! During my readings, he has been able to pick up on things that other psychics have not. I've also had hypnosis and healing sessions with Jimi, both of which have been catalyst in releasing physical stress in my neck and back that I've carried around for years. The more I get to know Jimi, the more he continues to impress me with his knowledge and gifted abilities. My recommendation is for you to make an appointment today!

Shannon Campbell

Loved my reading with Jimi, very insightful and helpful. Everything he shared resonated with me and brought in understanding and validation I left feeling peaceful and empowered to move forward in my life. It's a beautiful feeling to truly be seen.

Kelly Eysoldt Huber

Exceptional, Caring, Loving.... Jimi is Blessed with a Gift. I can’t even begin to describe how truly Grateful I am for his Intuitive Healing Sessions after my Spinal Surgery. His words of wisdom stay with me to this day. The Love and Energy he gives is amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help me during this life changing transition. Many Blessing to all that reach out to him. His Light will Shine upon you....So that your Light Shines Brighter.

Tisa Powell

The first time I met Jimi, a year ago, I received an impromptu reading. The things he shared with me were beyond personal and specific to me, there was no possible way he could have known so much about me. The reflections of myself in what he shared were so completely profound that I used them as a starting point to completely change my life over the last year. I returned to find him again this year to receive an official reading to see more clearly what he can do in a reading. I didn't have to ask any questions or tell him anything about myself to again receive information beyond any expectations I could have had. Only time will show how the insight will impact my life. I would recommend him to anyone with a solid knowing that they will be as blown away as I am. Thank you Jimi.

Marialena Fronczak

I had one of the most powerful healing sessions I could imagine, even the insects were called to join. With Jimi I felt safe and comforted in many ways, my session with Jimi was very professional and meaningful. Jimi is very genuine and dedicated to this beautiful work. It is a beautiful thing to find another beautiful soul I can trust in such a vulnerable state of rawness. Much gratitude, light and love.

Roxana Nickels Woolett

The first time I went to see Jimi was for hypnosis. I was so impressed during the intake interview with how well Jimi was able to tune into my lineage, ancestors and read what was going on, that I decided to have a healing session with him. The healings I received were very powerful and I was able to release a lot of what was weighing me down. I love how Jimi integrates the different modalities he knows to provide a unique and customized healing experience for what you need at the time. Thanks for bringing your light and service Jimi and keep up the great work! You are an inspiration and the world needs more healers like you.

Nico Martens

Believe it or not , Hypnosis is the way to go! I was skeptical about giving up all my meds, especially Thyroid. Making life changes with diet and getting rid of stress no longer letting negativity be a part of my life! I will continue to move forward!! Very Thankful to find such a gifted person! Thank you!!!

Tina Marie Kuchera

I cannot say enough about this positive and enlightening soul.... He heals and leaves a protective feeling as you leave his studio.... I am a spiritual being and I truly feel his good energy.... Energy doesn't lie however someone makes you feel is more a reflection of them and he's all positive.

Amanda Kelly

I had no idea what a gallery reading was. All I did know was that I admired Jimi for many reasons & have always been interested in things "off the beaten path". I led a meditation group in my home, practiced yoga, raised 4 children treating all their childhood ailments (except a broken bone) with Homeopathy. They were also raised on a vegetarian diet. No sugar came into our house. The occasional treat came from the Health Food Store. More often the treats were home baked-goods, fruit & popcorn. Back to Jimi. Years ago, a friend took me to see Jimi's work place. At that time he was in Covington, where I live. I was totally blown away by what he was doing. So much so that I had him fashion some earrings for me to wear to my daughter's wedding. Now this was before any babies were on board. So, via fb, I have followed Jimi's growth. It's been fun,stimulating, educational & moving. Returning again to my experience at the gallery reading...In one word, phenomenal! I gained a whole new perspective & my respect for Jimi exploded (in a mighty & good way)! He touched on things in my reading that NO ONE knew! He was also spot on on areas that I should pay more attention to. I am looking forward to the day when I am financially able to return to him to utilize more of his amazing gifts/talents!

Betsy Edwards

Jimi is one of the most caring and present readers I've ever worked with. I left the session feeling heard, supported, and empowered. And his jewelry is absolutely stunning and unique. Invest in your well being by connecting with Jimi. You'll be glad you did!

Matt Muschott

Love my necklace I got from Jimi, but also loved our session! An amazing person and guide.

Maritza Gonzalez

I had a reading with Jimi and followed with a healing session and both were outstanding! He is incredibly insightful and both sessions were extremely beneficial. If you are searching for clarity and insight into your life or would like to heal or resolve inner issues, Jimi can do this for you and more. I will be booking future sessions. I highly recommended Jimi and his services!